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Minc Elevator Consulting – A Better Way

Minc Elevator Consultants have over 100 years’ experience in the elevator industry that is drawn upon to ensure that customers’ needs, and expectations are not only met but exceeded. Minc Elevator Consultings’ team experience ranges from design, installation, servicing, repair to the commissioning of lifts, escalators and moving walkways in Australia and overseas.

By knowing our background and experience, you can choose Minc Elevator Consulting with confidence.

As part of the Minc Group, Minc Elevator Consulting builds on the well-established base of Minc Services

Minc Services qualifications include but is not limited to:

  • Open Building Licence, incorporating licensed Site Supervision
  • Electrical Contractor’s Licence – servicing all electrical fields, including cabling, data, and telephony (Cat5E, Coax and Optical Fibre) and thermal imaging
  • Engineering (various disciplines)
  • In-House Occupational Health and Safety Officers
  • In-House Quality Auditor
  • Health and Safety Accreditation through leading Risk Management Consulting Groups, i.e., Cm3 and Pegasus 
  • Certification to ISO9001:2015 quality standards

The Minc Elevator Consulting team has:

  • More than 100 years’ experience in all aspects of the elevator business, from trade to regional and senior management level
  • A detailed knowledge of the people, products, pricing, parts, performance and processes of Lift and Escalators Suppliers and Service Providers

Whilst the above is not an exhaustive list, it gives an overview of the experience that the Minc Group brings to our clients.

Minc Elevator Consultants have successfully completed Quality Business training and ISO auditing accreditation. The Minc group’s commitment to quality is reflected through their certification to ISO9001:2015 quality standards. Additionally, the Minc Group has gained Health and Safety Accreditation through leading Risk Management Consulting Groups, i.e., CM3 and Pegasus.

No matter the kind of vertical transportation – Minc Elevator Consulting has the experience, expertise, and quality systems to ensure the best possible solutions for our customers. We take care of it all –  leave it to the experts.

The other pages of this website provide an overview of Minc Elevator Consulting, our capabilities, expertise, and commitment to take care of your vertical transportation asset.

Why Minc Elevator Consulting?


With over 100 years involvement in the lift industry locally and internationally, the team at Minc Elevator Consulting (MEC) have a vast amount of experience in all facets of the industry, in particular the operations management and technical aspects of vertical transport. MEC know the people, process and products of the lift industry and apply that knowledge to ensure the best possible solution to MEC Customers. At MEC you can buy experience.

Immediate Results

If your system is underperforming MEC applies the knowledge and backing of industry experience and expertise to ensure you have the right team looking after your assets. Our balance selection criteria ensure the best possible service provider is selected. In addition, the MEC Initial Overhaul Program is a tried and proven 10 step process that can improve the system and service provided whilst long-term strategies and options are investigated.


With all partners trained and accredited in Quality Business training and ISO auditing accreditation, MEC applies these skills to the way they run their business. Minc has Cm3 and Pegasus Health and Safety accreditation, combined with pending ISO 9001-2015 accreditation, you can confidently call on MEC to look after your needs.


Engineering and trades support is at the heart of MEC. With over 3000 customers around Australia, and approved trades and support teams of over 1500 specially selected and qualified tradesmen, MEC is uniquely placed to cover all requirements of additional services for your building.

Project Management

We take project management very seriously. MEC has developed the MEC Project Management Plan to cover all aspects of managing your project. This tool plans, details, monitors, and actions all the important and critical aspects to make sure the project is completed with a minimum of fuss in a safe and professional manner. The MEC Project Management tool covers over 50 key components of a typical project to ensure that nothing is left to chance. We keep our customers involved and fully informed all the way through the project. From the very start to the ongoing maintenance of the vertical transport systems we manage it all.

National & International

MEC can serve your needs in all major cities around Australia and in many international locations around the world. The Minc network in Australia spans over 10 locations and now provides the extra service to look after your vertical transport needs.

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