Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

As with all machinery, at some stage the system will become obsolete and therefore irreparable, which means that you will have to modernise or replace, it’s best to do that with a plan and methodical approach with the least disruption and hassles. This will allow you to budget for future expenditure.

NO, as long as the customer or on-site manager has keys to provide access for Minc Elevator Consultants to the lift motor room.

In a lot of cases YES. Minc Elevator Consulting has technical expertise which when communicated to the Lift Service Provider will lead to immediate results, and we established an Overhaul Plan designed to get immediate benefits for the Owner.

All good quality lift and / or escalator maintenance contracts have clauses to cover this, Minc Elevator Consulting has these performance based documents and will guide you through the process.

It’s relatively inexpensive and depends on how many lifts or escalators are in the building. Any cost will be absorbed into future works if you choose Minc Elevator Consulting to manage the whole process of improvement.

NO, however you need to understand that not all Lift Companies can maintain all lift equipment, this is known to a professional organisation. There are many choices of lift and / or escalator maintenance service providers depending upon the type of equipment. Minc Elevator Consulting has written maintenance tender specifications for many sites, assisting our Customers to find a new maintenance contractor with a performance based Minc Elevator Consulting Maintenance Contract.

Some equipment may have a lockout tool or software lockout which will require negotiations with the original installing company to obtain tools to access lift and / or escalator machines. Minc Elevator Consulting can manage this process.

Sometimes YES, it depends, Minc Elevator Consulting is familiar with the market pricing and will advise their customers in this regard. If you have been with the one provider for a long time you may be paying over the market price.

YES, there are many and Minc Elevator Consulting has knowledge of all different types. We also have negotiated many performance based maintenance contracts to obtain the best deal that suited the customers’ individual needs.

YES, there are. Some maintenance contracts have an automatic roll over clause in their maintenance contract which will lock you into the current service provider for another contract period. Minc Elevator Consulting can help find this and any other problematic Clauses and if required, can call for a lift and / or escalator maintenance tender based on Minc Elevator Consultings’ performance based Maintenance Contract.

The management of a project is very complex and time consuming, and the planning steps need to occur on time and in the right sequence, if this does not happen, costs overruns and delays will occur, its best to leave it to the experts.

There is a limited number of parts still available, however due to high demand, the amount of these parts is dwindling fast, and a lot of components used are now second hand. To procure these it is of benefit to use Minc Elevator Consulting.

YES, you can. Finishes and panels for lift interiors are often manufactured locally, giving you some flexibility in design. Minc Elevator Consulting has often arranged special meetings for customers and lift companies to view and discuss options for interior lift design.