Escalator and Elevator Installation/Modernisation

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Escalator and Elevator Installation/Modernisation

The management of the entire process from tender and negotiations and start to finish of modernisation to entering your new and / or upgraded lifts and / or stepping onto your new escalator can be a daunting task – Minc Elevator Consulting can change this to a rewarding journey. We have the experience and specialize in ensuring the entire process is observed and managed on our customers’ behalf. The unique Minc Elevator Consulting Project Management Plan will ensure that all parties know what is required, the project is monitored constantly, and all parties are informed of progress and actions.

The Minc Elevator Consulting Escalator and Elevator Installation  covers:

  • Approvals and coordination of all design and aesthetics
  • Establishment of special Maintenance Contracts throughout the works
  • Review and management of Safety and Quality Plans for onsite peace of mind
  • Approval of all Invoices from Lift and / or Escalator Provider and cash flow
  • Monitoring and reviewing Contractors Schedule, personnel, progress, and logistics off and on site
  • Coordination and information sessions with tenants, building users and Owners
  • Regular inspections and acceptance testing until the end of Defects Liability Period
  • Negotiations with contractors for ongoing performance based Maintenance Agreements
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Managing the whole process can be a daunting task.

Using the MEC Project Management Plan the whole process  is managed and controlled on our customers behalf.

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