Lift Condition & Compliance Audits

MEC Performance Compliance Audits

Lift Condition & Compliance Audits

Many of Minc Elevator Consulting’s customers were uncertain if their Elevator and / or Escalator Service Provider delivered what was requiredMinc Elevator Consulting  have reviewed and audited current Lift and Escalator Service Providers at hundreds of sites in regard to:

  • Review current breakdown rate and quality of maintenance performed
  • Review current contract pricing vs market pricing
  • Investigate the longevity and future support for your product installed
  • Advise on compliance to current and latest Codes and WHS issues
  • Provide a written report and recommendations for improvements
Performance & Compliance Audits

Are you sure your lift system is performing to requirements?

Are you NBN ready?

MEC can review and audit your current lift and service provider.

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