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Lift Maintenance

Whether it’s one lift or a portfolio of buildings, precise management of the ongoing maintenance requires regular, periodic review and scrutiny. Minc Elevator Consulting knows what can and should be provided and will ensure the Owners and Customers get the services at a quality level they deserve. Minc Elevator Consulting has the tools and know-how to:
  • Regular review of maintenance, breakdowns analysis and performance targets of lift and / or escalator systems and the service providers
  • Establish a Maintenance Contract with specifications and results which are performance based
  • Recommend contractors based on knowledge of which providers are best to service the product with assistance using the balanced Minc Elevator Consulting selection criteria
  • Implement the unique Minc Elevator Consulting initial overhaul program providing instant improvements
  • Scrutinize and approve all payments, based on evidence of works completed
  • Advice on lift and / or escalator modernizations
MEC portfolio management

Whether it is one lift or a portfolio of buildings, the management of the ongoing  services require regular review and scrutiny.

MEC knows what can and should be provided and will ensure the customer receives a professional quality service.

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Lift Manage Plus

Lift Manage Plus Program

“Lift Manage Plus” will ensure you have the lift service you deserve. Minc Elevator Consulting will manage it all for you.

The management of your lift system and your lift service supplier is a job best left to the experts. Lifts are a specialized field and one of the most important life-line for your building’s operation. Any premises must have a reliable and efficient lift service.

If any of the following apply to you, “Lift Manage Plus” is the answer:

  • You are not sure the lift maintenance plan that is in place is best for your building.
  • You are not sure the maintenance is being performed to specifications.
  • You are constantly getting invoices for extra work and wondering whether you should be paying them.
  • Your lifts break down too often and you don’t understand why the same fault keeps occurring repeatedly.
  • You are not sure if improvements suggested by your lift service provider are the correct ones for your building.

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